RitterSteel Swords
Stage Steel Swords
The medieval sword collection consists of RitterSteel® line and Stage Steel® line.

The RitterSteel® line offers authentic-looking swords that are functional and battle ready. The swords are hand-made by skillful craftsmen and finished to the smallest detail. The blades of the swords are made from high-carbon steel and they are forged over hot charcoals. The RitterSteel® line offers many medieval swords such as the Crusader Sword, Viking Sword, The Lion Crest Sword, William Wallace sword and more.

The Stage Steel® swords are swords designed specially for live re-enactment and stage sword play. The swords are sturdy and they feature blades with blunt edges to minimize the chance of injury during the stage fight. The handles of the Stage Steel® swords are wrapped with black leather and wire to ensure a secure grip. The Stage Steel® sword line offers typical medieval broadswords such as the two-handed, hand-and-a-half and single-handed swords.